Thank you for stopping by NBDesigns and having a look at my work and sometimes play area.

I'm Nigel Brewster and on this site it's a glimpse of my work over the years of building web sites, there are so many that I've been involved with in one way or another over a period of about 15 yrs as of 2018, you can't put them all on and neither would I want to as some of them are really embarrassing by today's standards.

My background was mainly in Art & Graphic Design, but become fascinated by the web around 98/99 when the web started to take off.

I did a distance college course in web development in 2002/2003 and I'm still passionate about it now, I am always looking for better ways, as are most people in this field. I passed the course in HTML/CSS/Javascript, what would be called "Front End Development" these days.I felt would help in a career from home and at the very least lots of skills in the field.

This site is built using Bootstrap framework. I did the coding of HTML/CSS and PHP for the form. The image gallery is Bootstrap. The scrolling is in Jquery.


HTML * * * * *

CSS inc Animations * * * * *

Pure Javascript * * * *

PHP * * *

Art & Design * * * * *

Photography * * * * *

SEO * * *

Bespoke Design *****



Just a few sites from my catalogue, I'll keep adding to it

I've worked on pet shops, chiropody, health, art and craft sites and much more stuff, as well as personal sites for me and my wife's hobby designs.

Due to ongoing family circumstances my career has been on hold, but I still offer to clients small full sites, image optimization and advice on tweaks, SEO (search engine optimization) and there's always a bunch of other things.

What's it like working with me? I'm laid back and go the extra mile for people but my attitude is professional with high standards are guaranteed. I always have to have a contract with any client, unless it's just bits and pieces of updating images or the like.

If your looking for a new website or updates, why don't you get in touch for a quote. I always use bespoke design and never Wordpress or other CMS themed sites.

All websites I work on are Responsive as standard, so will work across every device, from phones, to TV size screens.


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