Thank you for stopping by NBDesigns and having a look at my work and sometimes play area.

I'm Nigel Brewster and on this site it's a glimpse of my work over the years of building web sites, there are so many that I've been involved with in one way or another over a period of about 15 yrs as of 2018, you can't put them all on and neither would I want to as some of them are really embarrassing by today's standards.

My background was mainly in Art & Graphic Design, but become fascinated by the web around 98/99 when the web started to take off.

I did a distance college course in web development in 2002/2003 and I'm still passionate about it now, I am always looking for better ways, as are most people in this field. I passed the course in HTML/CSS/Javascript, what would be called "Front End Development" these days.I felt would help in a career from home and at the very least lots of skills in the field.

This site is built using Bootstrap framework. I did the coding of HTML/CSS and PHP for the form. The image gallery is Bootstrap. The scrolling is in Jquery.


HTML * * * * *

CSS inc Animations * * * * *

Pure Javascript * * * *

PHP * * *

Art & Design * * * * *

Photography * * * * *

SEO * * *

Bespoke Design *****


Client Work

These are some client work I've done over the years.

Client work has got it's challenges and a web designer has only so much control over what's needed.

All my work is web validated if wanted when doing stuff for clients.

Hobby Sites

I often do sites for both me and my wife that are hobby work, it keeps me sharp and I test and experiment with techniques.

We both like art and I like photography and digital abstract stuff.

Responsive Design

All my sites are optimised for mobile/smart phones as standard.

I also teach web design and especially responsive design on Youtube Click here for Youtube Channel

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