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Thank you for stopping by NBDesigns and having a look at my work and sometimes play area.

I'm Nigel Brewster owner of NBDesigns and on this site it's a glimpse of my work over the years of building web sites, there are so many that I've been involved with in one way or another over a period of about 14/15 yrs as of 2017, you can't put them all on and neither would I want to as some of them are really embarrassing by today's standards.

I did a distance college course in web development in 2003 and I'm still passionate about it now, I am always looking for better ways, as are most people in this field.

I've had to rewrite much of NBDesigns because of changing circumstances. At the time of writing I'm only taking on small web design jobs, unfortunately this is out of my control due to family illness and hopefully this will change in the near future. However if your someone that needs a site maintaining or you want help with images just get in touch and see if I can help in any way. I'm always willing to give free advice and I charge at reasonable rates if a job is undertaken.

On a personal note I'm from the North of England where I live with my wife and one Goldfish navigation


"Hi mate keep up the good work with the websites!"
Mr South

"Your site Dozydayz is really well done and informative"
Mr Smith & Miss R


Graphic Design

banner for site

Dunelm Designs

Dunelm Designs was a business card venture, something I tried starting in March/April 2015 and it had it's own site and I thought it would do very well, but didn't ;-)

I however would still design cards if anyone is interested just get in touch. I do take pride in designing them.


Logos & Icons

Business and company logo's are a great way for people to tell straight away who you are.

If people think about some of the most famous brands out there, the first thing they often think of is the Logo. An image can be very powerful sub conscience thing.

amberflame art

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design - #RWD and why we need it. I always offer RWD as standard and at no extra cost, the reason is that, it's absolutely vital. Million and millions have smart phone devices or a tablet and none of us want to pinch and zoom anymore.

There's been studies to show that businesses without responsive are at a disadvantage monetarily. People always go for the easy option and people need mobile friendly sites.